CUDA 5-Star Service Package

A well maintained parts washer cleans parts better and it will have a longer service life. Our experience with aqueous parts washers allows us to identify problems to reduce unplanned downtime. Let our certified techs do what we do best by letting us worry about your parts washer, which leaves you free to manage your business.

Staffed with the only Cuda Certified Technicians in western Washington, we have been delivering the premier market leading solution in aqueous parts washers, eco-friendly detergents and maintenance and repair services to more than 500 customers. We will help manage your parts washer investment through the full lifecycle, optimizing its value to ensure you are getting the right training for your staff for best practices and maximum use, limited down time as well as a return on your capital investment.

Benefits of regular Cuda maintenance service

  • Maximize staff output, minimize machine downtime.
  • Ensure highest level of use, reliability and safety.
  • Quick response times for emergencies and unplanned issues.
  • Expert trained and experienced CUDA/ Kärcher Service technicians.
  • Predictable costs and minimized downtime.
  • Maintain highest fair market while increasing service life of the machine.
  • Trade in program for regular elected service plan customers
  • Hazmat disposal of waste sludge.

Cuda service package includes:

  • Water titration testing for concentration of detergent is performed to ensure optimal consumption of detergent to cleansing performance. Hard water testing also available if needed.
  • Draining the machine of the dirty water and cleaning out the holding tank. Emptying catch tray that protects your pump from nuts, bolts, paint, gaskets, silicone and any other debris. Emptying skimmer bucket into your waste oil container, and Hazardous materials disposal of waste sludge per city/county regulations.
  • Cleaning all spray nozzles and spray bars that clog periodically, and realign each jet for optimum performance.
  • Inspecting the entire parts washer so we can address any parts that may be wearing out that could cause down time of your machine. (Seals, hand brushes, Float rods, switches, etc.)
  • Refilling your parts washer with water and adding the recommended amount of detergent.
  • When service is completed, it is noted on the service log. This log also includes the service phone number as a quick reference to order service or supplies.
  • Summary recommendation on use of machine to optimize machine performance.
  • Training of new and existing staff on manufacturers recommended use.


$169 per service for most Cuda Machines, Other brands please call for quote.*

Emergency repairs are subject to a Service call of $105, plus time and materials. **

*Subject to service location
**Parts not included in service repair